Touch Of Reiki

    All western forms of reiki with their crystals, pendulums, manifestation grids, psychic surgeries, so-called "active techniques" believe reiki to be a means to an end. That end is control.
    How often I see reiki people sending to situations to "fix" relationships and other things and then end by saying "for the highest good of all". Look inwardly for a moment and see that you have already decided what you think is wrong here and what you believe will make it right.  
    A French philosopher once called humanity "the gods who s***". How is it beings that cannot control when they come into being or add even one second to their life span, even with the force of their will, believe they can control reiki?
    Reiki is about the direct realization of *what is*. What is written above will likely cause anger to some, but it is simply a gentle reminder to point you back to God.

The above was quoted from a Maharaj with the exception of the last word- God. The Maharaj said that what is written above is a gentle reminder to point you back to yourself. But I believe that God created me and God created reiki, so the *what is* is He and His will.
It is your idea that you have to do things that entangles you in the results of your efforts. The motive, the desire, the failure to achieve , the sense of frustration - all this holds you back. Simply look at whatever happens and know that you are beyond it. Know that           God is in control.

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